Adolescent Medicine

Pimples, Menstruation, Peer pressure, Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking – these are just some of the many issues that you, as an adolescent, will face. There’s a lot going on, health-wise, during your adolescent years. Seeking professional help when necessary is extremely important.


Many teens face emotional and medical issues. That is the reason why adolescent medicine specialists have extra training especially on how to approach them.


Some topics would be:

  • Vices: talks regarding puberty, menstruation, infections, and reproductive organs
  • Eating Disorders: can help you in dealing with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and how to get help
  • Irregular Periods: helps young women understand their menstrual cycle especially if they do not have their periods on a regular basis.
  • Mood Changes: help adolescents like you understand that sudden changes in mood are normal.
  • Sexual Attraction and Orientation: helps confused adolescents face their dilemma with their identity.

How can I find an Adolescent Medicine Specialist?
You can start by asking your pediatrician, the school nurse, or even your health teacher. No matter who you approach, it is always best to be honest so that you will receive the right diagnosis and right treatment.


What’s a Typical Visit Like?
A typical visit has a lot of talking. For a health professional to understand you, especially during your first visit, it is important that you open-up to them.