• healthy eating tips for kids

    Parenting 101: Here’s How You Can Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Meals Uncategorized

    • Dr. Garcia
    • May 1, 2019

    Everyone knows how hard it is to make children eat healthy foods. It’s very frustrating for parents (especially for new parents) when their kids start to get picky about what they eat. You are not alone and it’s very normal! Here’s how you can excite your kids to eating healthy foods without trying too hard.

  • spirometry for children

    Why Spirometry is Important for Your Child? Uncategorized

    • Dr. Garcia
    • April 10, 2019

    Spirometry is a quick and easy test used to assess pulmonary function. It has been the tool of choice for monitoring the progress of most chronic diseases in children.

  • top baby sleep tips

    Top Baby Tips for an Excellent Sleeping Habit Uncategorized

    • Dr. Garcia
    • March 27, 2019

    Some babies sleep much more than others. Some sleep for long periods, others in short bursts. Some soon sleep through the night, while some don’t for a long time.

  • Eye Examination for Children Uncategorized

    • Dr. Garcia
    • February 19, 2019

    Good vision is key to succeed in life and their ability to excel in school and shape their future depends on you.

  • infant ear piercing

    Ear Piercing for Infant Uncategorized

    • Dr. Garcia
    • February 1, 2019

    Babies look 10x cuter when they have those shiny earrings pierced in their tiny ears.

  • vision screening test for kids

    Visual Screening Test for Kids Uncategorized

    • Dr. Garcia
    • January 22, 2019

    Your child’s eyes are exposed to radiation at such an early age which is why it is vital that you should have your child go through vision screening.