Parenting Tips

temper tantrums in toddlers

How to Respond Properly To Temper Tantrums

While most parents try to prevent tantrums from happening, there are times when children just simply lose their cool. Here’s some expert advice on how to deal with temper tantrums.

childs iq level

Improve Your Child’s IQ With These Simple Steps

All children are not born equal. Some are born with a natural knack for numbers and problems, others are naturally athletic and outgoing. A lot of it has to do with our genes, however, the brain is an ever-developing organ that can learn new things from a very young age.

diaper rash pedscalifornia

Child Diaper Rash: How to Manage

Seeing your precious little one’s skin covered in an angry red, scaly rash is enough to make you worry so much. Diaper rash is not only extremely common, but it’s also quite simple to treat.

children harmful effects of mobile phones

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Children

Gone are the days of mobile phones with long antennas. With the rise of smartphones in the market, everyone can easily have their own – including children. Technology may be tremendous benefits to society but they also have their disadvantages.

visual screening test for kids

Visual Screening Test for Kids

Your child’s eyes are exposed to radiation at such an early age which is why it is vital that you should have your child go through vision screening.