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Keeping the Bones in Children and Adolescents Healthy

Our bones make up 15 percent of our overall body mass. We have to take care of our bone health just as much as we take care of our other body parts. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure your bones stay healthy and strong.

promote healthy food for kids

Parenting 101: Here’s How You Can Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Meals

Everyone knows how hard it is to make children eat healthy foods. It’s very frustrating for parents (especially for new parents) when their kids start to get picky about what they eat. You are not alone and it’s very normal! Here’s how you can excite your kids to eating healthy foods without trying too hard.

immunization for children

Immunization For Children

Diseases like whooping cough or pneumococcal disease can be very serious and even deadly for infants and young children.


When To Take Your Child To The Doctor

Most common misconceptions when a child gets a fever is that it’s bad. But sometimes, that is not the case. “Fever is an ally, not an enemy,” Mendelson says.

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Vaccines Save Lives

Desiderius Erasmus once said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Vaccines are products that were made to help people protect themselves against serious and potentially deadly diseases. They provide immunity to a certain disease.