Ear Piercing for Children

What is Ear Piercing?
Ear piercing has been going on for generations for reasons like cultural beliefs and traditions. Men and women, even kids these days, pierce their ears. Piercing one’s ear is a very personal decision and parents today are faced with a decision on whether they should pierce their daughter’s ears at an early age. There are risks that you should think first before deciding to pierce your child’s ears.


Here are some of the risks that your need to take into consideration in dealing with children’s ear piercing:

  • Abscess
  • Infection
  • Traumatic tearing
  • Allergic reaction
  • Perichondritis
  • Keloid scarring

These risks can be avoided with how the procedure is executed. It is important that the procedure is done safely, with sterile tools and equipments to avoid infections and other complications that is why parents should know how to properly care for their child’s new piercings. Follow these instructions for your children to have proper healing:

  • Avoid touching the new pierced earlobe except when you are cleaning them.
  • Always make sure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water before touching your ears or earrings.
  • Clean the entire area surrounding the piercings with alcohol on a cotton swab twice or thrice a day.
  • Be careful when cleaning your child’s piercings to avoid a tear. Make sure that you will not push or pull your child’s piercing when wearing earphones, brushing their hair, or when talking on the phone.
  • Try to avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and oceans while your piercings are still fresh to avoid infection.

The procedure is personally done by Dr. Garcia, with topical anesthesia. Call us for an appointment.