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It’s 2019 and even one-year-olds already have their own mobile phones! Parents now, who are mostly millennials, hand out a smartphone to their kids when they start crying. According to a report by Nielsen, 45 percent of children in America who are between 10-12 years old have their own smartphones. But, is it really a wise decision, though? Let’s first discuss why parents give their children these particular gadgets and discuss the harmful effects of mobile phone to them.

  1. Safety

    There are so many events that can occur in a day – from natural catastrophes to man-made disasters such as earthquakes, vehicular accidents, fire, storm, it definitely makes sense if parents can easily monitor their kids wherever they may be. A mobile phone is a lifeline between you and your child and in emergency cases, you’d be thankful to the person who invented the mobile phone.

  2. Quick and easy communication

    It’s also practical if you and your child can communicate if one of you might go home a little bit late than usual, or if they have extra-curricular activities, or if they decide to watch a movie or finish a school project – you can easily call your kid/s.

  3. Helps practice responsibility

    When you hand out a cell phone to your child and remind them of the responsibilities of having one, you’re giving them an opportunity to grow up and be responsible for taking care of their own things, especially if they’re worth a lot of money.

  4. Builds trust

    Cellphones are very expensive. When you hand out a smartphone to your child, you are also telling him/her that you trust him to use the mobile phone when necessary.

  5. Entertainment

    One of the many great things that your child can do is down many fun, inexpensive (most of the time FREE) games that your kids can play with to keep them busy and entertained while waiting in long lines.

  6. Reminders

    Mobile phones come with alarms, notes, and all kinds of apps that can teach your child to be time-conscious, organized, and remind them of their next homework or exam.

  7. Social Media

    Smartphones are used to access social media to text, tweet, share their feelings, basically, to connect to their peers and the world around them.

    Now, let’s discuss the bad effects of a mobile phone to your child.

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones To Your Kids

Cellphones play a huge role in hindering your child’s development and it has a tremendous effect on their health. Here are a few of the risks.

Mobile Phone Effects on Brain

Why cellphones are bad? According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, the effect of mobile on the child can have a huge effect on brain activities, especially to children and to avoid these harmful effects of mobile phones. The possible health hazards of smartphones to children include:

  • Cancer
  • Effects on the Brain
  • Non-malignant Tumors

Negative Effects of Cellphones in School

Children can easily get addicted to mobile phones. They spend most of their time using their mobile phones because they’re playing games and chatting and talking to their friends and can adopt bad things about cell phones. They become less productive in school because some cannot literally leave their homes without their phones with them. Instead of listening to their teachers, they end up exchanging messages or use social media.

It Can Lead To Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate behaviours such as sending sensitive pictures, videos and messages is a very big issue with teens. Once they go into the wrong hands, it can spread like wildfire. Also, children, even as young as seven, can easily access any pornographic website from smartphones.

Also, it can teach your kids to engage in exam malpractices and cheating during exams. Once caught, it could put a halt on your child’s school career and they might have a hard time transferring to another school if they get expelled.

Tips for Proper Mobile Phone Usage

  • Do not give your child full access to their mobile phones if they’re under 16 years old.
  • Do not let your child hold their mobile phone directly on top of their heads.
  • Do not allow your children to bring with them their mobile phones unless necessary.
  • Do not leave your child’s mobile phones with them when they go to sleep.
  • Limit their mobile phone usage.
  • Let your children practice proper mobile phone etiquette.

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