proper way to bathe a baby


Bathing your newborn for the first time can be scary. I’m sure you had a lot of questions in mind. What are the things I should prepare? What should be the water’s temperature? How should I hold him? I know these thoughts kept running on your mind.

Bathing a newborn can be tricky and complicated, especially if your newborn doesn’t seem to enjoy it. However, it could be a great time for you to bond with your baby. In time, you’ll realize that cleaning a squirming, crying and sometimes screaming infant is not that challenging. It just takes practice and it will get easier every time. If you still don’t get the hang of it, here are 10 easy steps on how to give your baby a proper bath. But before we get to that, let us first determine what you need to prepare before getting your baby his bath.

What to Prepare Before Bathing Your Baby

The first bath of a baby will be a sponge bath. Choose a warm room that has a flat surface such as the bathroom or even the kitchen counter. Prepare a thick towel and put it on the flat surface. Make sure that the room is warm enough because babies chill easily. If possible, set the temperature of the room to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

You also need to prepare some essential bath items for babies which include:

  • Baby bath sponge or a clean washcloth
  • Clean blanket or bath towel
  • Clean clothes
  • Clean diaper
  • Vaseline and gauze (if your baby is a circumcised boy)
  • Warm water

Set these bathing essentials within arm’s reach before you start so that you can keep one hand on your baby at all times. One important thing that you should remember is to NEVER leave your baby alone in a bath. If you need to get the phone or if there is an important matter that you should attend to, take the baby with you. If you have someone else in the room, let him or her watch the baby before leaving.

When and How Often to Bathe Your Baby

There’s no need for your baby to have a bath every day. After all, your baby is not exposed to so much dirt. Two or three times a week is fine as long as you clean his face, neck, hands, and diaper only. As for the time of day on when to bathe your baby, it actually depends on your newborn. Some newborns find the stimulating during the morning while others like to relax in the tub, which is perfect right before bedtime.

10 Steps in Giving Your Baby A Proper Bath

  • Gather all your bathing essentials in one place which include the towel, clean diaper, and clothes. Make sure that the room is warm enough so that the baby won’t get chilled after the bath.
  • Prepare the tub and fill it with about 3 inches of warm water. Test the temperature of the water. It should be about 90 degrees Fahrenheit or a few degrees warmer.
  • Undress the baby and gradually slip your baby into the tub feet first. Use one of your hands to support her neck and head.
  • Pour cupfuls of bath water over your baby constantly until he has already adjusted to the warmth of the water.
  • Wash your baby with mild soap using your hand or a washcloth. Do it from top to bottom, then front and back. Start by washing her scalp with a wet, soapy cloth.
  • Rinse the soap from the cloth and use it to gently clean your baby’s eyes and face. As for your baby’s genitals, all you have to do is to regularly clean it.
  • After cleaning your baby’s eyes and face, rinse him thoroughly by pouring cupfuls of water.
  • Carefully, lift her out of the tub by carefully cradling his head with one hand and supporting his bottom with the other.
  • Wrap your fingers around your baby’s thigh as they are slippery when wet. It would be better if there’s another person who could help you by receiving the baby in a dry towel.
  • Gently wrap your baby in a hooded towel and pat her dry. Slowly put him on the diaper and dress him.


Bathing your baby seems scary but knowing the basics and with practice, it will be an easy task in no time. Just make sure that your baby is safe and comfortable during bath time. Remember to consider your baby’s bath time as a way to establish a bond between you and your baby.

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