Sports Physical

Playing sports is one of the healthy ways for children or teenagers to stay fit. It is also a way to socialize and meet new people. But before you allow your kids to indulge in any sporting event, it is important that they get a sports physical test first.

In the sports medicine field, the sports physical exam or sometimes referred to as a pre-participation physical exam (PPE), is an assessment of a child or teen’s health and fitness as it relates to a sport. It helps determine whether it’s safe for your child to join a sporting event.

During the examination, the healthcare provider looks for any diseases or injury that could impede the child’s participation in sports. There are two components of the sports physical. The pediatrician may need to look at the child’s (1) medical history and may perform a (2) physical exam.

Medical History

Issues or concerns that are addressed in the medical history include:

  • History of asthma
  • Possible allergies
  • Menstrual history
  • Previous hospitalizations or surgery
  • Past injuries
  • A list of immunization shots taken
  • Family history of serious illnesses
  • Episodes of dizziness
  • Medications that are currently taken
  • The use of dental appliances and contact lenses

Physical Exam

The focus of the physical exam is to determine the state of your lungs, heart, bones, and joints. During this part, the pediatrician may:
Measure and record the kid’s height and weight

  • Assess the child’s posture, strength, and flexibility
  • Evaluate the belly, ears, nose, and throat
  • Test the child’s vision
  • Measure the pulse and blood pressure

If your child is joining a sports event anytime soon, it’s necessary that you contact a pediatrician to assess your child. You can visit Dr. Garcia and Dr. Caceres in their office in Fresno and Madera, California. They provide comprehensive sports physicals to children and adolescents in the California area. Schedule a meeting with them for a consultation.