What is Tympanometry?

Tympanometry is a test commonly taken to detect and monitor problems in the middle ear. This test helps determine disorders that can lead to hearing loss, especially in children and determine the medical treatments available to treat it. The results of the test will be represented on a graph called a tympanogram. It shows the relationship between the air pressure in the ear canal and the movement of the eardrum.

Tympanometry can help your physician to determine if you have the following problems:

  • Fluid in the middle ear
  • Middle ear infection
  • A tear in the tympanic membrane
  • A problem with the eustachian tube, which controls the pressure within the middle ear

Tympanometry Procedure

  • Your physician will look inside your ear to ensure that nothing is obstructing it such as earwax or any foreign object.
  • The doctor will put a device inside your ear that will change the air pressure inside your ear. It will make the eardrum rock back and forth.
  • A machine will record the result that will determine if you have problems with your middle ear.

The test just takes a couple of minutes and usually takes place in your physician’s office. People of all ages can take the tympanometry test though administering it to children may be difficult because they might not cooperate when taking the test. You might contact want to contact the nearest pediatrician or ear specialist in Fresno, California for your ear problems.