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Vaccines are meant to protect infants and children – to make sure they’re healthy and safe from diseases that caused millions of death over the course of time. Diseases such as chickenpox, influenza, malaria, measles, tuberculosis, yellow fever, and so much more. These diseases caused an epidemic during ancient times. Fortunately, through science and thorough studies, scientists and doctors found a solution that could prevent such diseases to cause havoc again – and that is by using vaccines.

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So what exactly are vaccines?

Desiderius Erasmus once said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Vaccines are products that were made to help people protect themselves against serious and potentially deadly diseases. If medications were made to cure, vaccines were made to prevent. They provide immunity to a certain disease. They can be administered through injection, drunken orally, and inhaled nasally.

How safe are vaccines?

In the year 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that measles has now been eliminated all thanks to the safe and effective vaccine that was developed 50 years ago. Prior to the birth of vaccines, more than 500,000 cases and 500 deaths were reported each year. However, in 2014, the United States saw 668 cases of measles in 23 different outbreaks. The largest outbreak of measles was linked to Disneyland in California.

Because of this recent outbreak, people were wondering as to why measles was back. The root cause was because of misinformation. Some parents have come to fear vaccines which caused vaccination rates to fall as low as 50%. Vaccines should be at least at the 95% rate for it to work. That is why it is essential for kids to be vaccinated.

In this blog, I will discuss facts about Vaccines Safety.

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  • Vaccines work. Most childhood vaccines are 90 to 99% effective in preventing diseases. Vaccines have saved millions of lives for more than 50 years. If a child does acquire the disease, it usually doesn’t last long and the side effects are milder.
  • Vaccines are safe. Before vaccines are licensed in the United States, it has to go through a very precise and thorough process to ensure that the vaccine is safe to use and actually works
  • Vaccines are necessary. For 50 years, the United States has successfully protected children all across the nation and they will keep protecting them with the help of vaccines. All pediatricians believe that every child should receive all recommended childhood vaccines.
  • Vaccines are studied. FDA and CDC created Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to monitor the safety of vaccines after licensure. Doctors are required to report side effects of any vaccines and parents, as well, can file reports for any undesired side effects from the vaccines that their children had.

Additional facts:

Creating new vaccines can take up as long as 10 to 25 years because before given a license, they have to go through thorough studying.
Once a vaccine is approved, it’s safety is continuously being monitored.
The benefits that you can get by using vaccines are immense.

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