Visual Screening Tests for Infants and Children

What is Vision Testing?
You might need to have an eye exam if you want to know whether your eyes are working perfectly fine or if you’re experiencing a vision problem. Part of a comprehensive eye exam is taking vision tests. This is important as vision tests check many different functions of the eye and detect possible problems that may arise. The earlier an eye problem is addressed, the earlier your eye doctor can provide you with solutions as to how to treat it.

The most common vision test is the visual acuity test and the two common visual acuity tests are Snellen and random E. In Snellen, a chart of letters or symbols is used. The letters are in different sizes and are arranged in rows in columns. In taking this test, you will be standing a few feet away from the chart while covering one eye and you will try to see the letters and symbols. You will repeat the same process with your other eye.

In the Random E test, you will try to identify which direction the letter “E’’ is facing. You will look at the letter “E” in the chart and determine whether the letter is facing up, down, left, or right.

Remember that the type of vision test you will take will depend on your doctor and the probable vision problem you might have.

Here are other types of visual screening test to assess your child’s vision:

If your child is having an eye problem, contact a pediatric eye doctor right away.